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Medicaid is complicated.

We make it simple.
Medicaid applications, processing
and regulations made simple.

We Specialize in

Medicaid Application Process
Medicaid at Home
Medicaid in Facilities
Assisted Living Placement
Skilled Nursing Facility Placement

How do I get Medicaid coverage?

Applying for Medicaid is a complex, frustrating and lengthy process. Small mistakes, a form filled incorrectly, missing paperwork or errors with financial cataloguing can often result in coverage being denied.

Did you know?

Medicaid requires 5 years worth of financial transactions to be documented. And Medicaid regulations change frequently. Our skilled experts know the process inside out.

Getting started

We navigate the regulations and requirements for you.

We catalogue your financial information, record your assets and tackle the application form.

With expert staff and relationships with the Board of Social Services, we make it simple.

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No Coverage, No Fee

if we can’t process you for Medicaid coverage,
you won’t pay us a penny

Getting you the right support

What’s the difference between Medicaid and Medicare?

Both Medicare and Medicaid are government-funded programs related to health coverage. Medicaid is  for low-income and disabled people of all ages, whereas Medicare is generally limited to those age 65 and older.

All states offer a variety of Medicaid programs, several of which can help people with Medicare. If you qualify for a Medicaid program, it may help pay for costs and services that Medicare does not cover.

State focused advice

Medicaid is both a federal and state-based program. Individual states have some flexibility in implementing the program and many states have procedural differences.

We offer expertise in Florida and New Jersey.

Evaluation, questions answered, planning
Assessment & Statements
Review of accounts, assets and deposits
Previous 5 years transactions and withdrawals documented
Completion of complex application paperwork
Advocacy to achieve full benefit entitlement
Ongoing case management and support

Getting you the right support

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Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Facility Placement

With thousands of options to choose from, selecting the right Assisted Living community can be frustrating. Our trusted advisors have extensive local knowledge and provide personalized guidance.

Our advisors can also work with you to find Nursing Facilities, be that shorter rehabilitative stays or permanent skilled nursing placements. They will find the options that best fit you and your family’s needs.

Our mission is to take Medicaid processing from complexity to simplicity.

We employ expert staff who are fully current on the intricacies of Medicaid regulations, and trained in efficiently expediting the process.

But that’s not our only recruitment requirement. We have also built a company of determined and passionate people. We know our job is to see the big picture AND the small detail. We know that achieving results and maximizing benefits can make a huge difference in our clients’ lives.

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